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Sickfic belly

sickfic belly Stuffed on New Years with a twist. Zayn slipped out of his bunk making the floors on the bus creak . +. I made an emeto sickfic generator! It’s a bit wonky and a lot of the combos might not make sense, but hey I hope it’s at least fun or at least kinda inspires you. Soooo many nice things here, like the sickie’s belly looking a little bloated or rumbling audibly when they lift their shirt over their head. I GOT 100 FOLLOWERS AND I GOT THIS REQUEST AND I DIDN’T REALLY HAVE TIME FOR IT BUT I’VE HONESTLY BEEN DYING FOR SOME YOI SICKFIC SO HERE “Victor, I don’t think-“ Viktor hid a burp behind his hand and Yuuri winced. Only Ben can’t be sent in alone. He stares miserably around Hobi’s studio after being taken off schedule due to him being sick with a cough. Sep 22, 2020 · - a belly so distended that it hurts to even breathe. 10/22/2019 c24 Guest Callie should have all of her wisdom teeth out and she gets a high fever and her face swells up. #bts sickfic #bts scat #sick!namjoon #caretaker!seokjin #caretaker!hoseok #caretaker!jungkook #caretaker!yoongi #caretaker!taehyung #caretaker!jimin May 2021 I only really use this blog for uploading my Fics so if anyone wants to talk about Bts or sickfics or life in general either through my asks or messages then please feel free! Ask the patient to examine their abdomen and picture “Noon” below your belly button. “Shh,” He coos, brushes your hair from your face to kiss at your cheek. so he’s like “hey hyung, do you need anything?” and yoongi just pouts. Summary: Crowley knew Hell would take revenge on him, but when they finally do, eternal torture would have been merciful in comparison. Nate exhales shakily. His stomach rolled lazily as the water made its way down, and he swallowed hard, begging it to stay put. Harry kept being sick, his stomach was cramping so much, he was in so much pain. “You’re gonna be okay…” Eden was speaking out of hope more than any kind of certainty. if it is your bag, hi! Compared to their usual weeknight meals, dinner had been lavish. Well done! aaccjw1993. Hi, I decided to make this account after being a lurker for many many months, but after a lot of deliberation I’ve decided to give in and start a blog where I write about sickfic. We write belly stuff for Haikyuu!!, Free!, KNB, YOI, Mystic Messenger, BNHA, and Voltron. Apr 02, 2017 · Intestinal gas pains are caused by a buildup of gas inside of the intestines. This type of pain can occur after any type of surgery, but is most common after abdominal and pelvic surgery. Having trouble vomiting. 18 - he/him //. “Please don’t come over. Danny lifts his hands- and the spray of hot blood over your face makes you gasp. sickfic emeto belly bellykink bellyache bloatedtummy tummy ache stuffed stuffed tummy writer whump ideas Stomach Problems stomachache bloated stomach fanfiction kink sickfetish 170 notes May 11th, 2021 Read Migraines and an upset belly from the story One Direction sick fics:) by onedirectionsickfics with 9,469 reads. Rubbing A’s stomach, almost immediately feeling their guts churning. like tae is in the kitchen cooking and yoongi just comes up and stands behind him, his hands cradling his swollen belly. Opening the thick black curtain he listened intently wondering what the sound was. Oct 10, 2013 · The “gas pain” you may experience within the first 1-2 days after laparoscopic surgery is not typically caused by gas within the bowel itself, but instead by irritation caused by the pressurized gas around the abdominal organs. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Stomach Growling animated GIFs to your conversations. With everything King knows Saitama to be capable of; impermeable to and unyielding in the face of, stomach flu was not his highest rated threat, but apparently it’s quite the foe for even the one-punch man. the realization is so good. 炙tissues. Apr 29, 2018 · A Turbulent Tum. 1. Apr 03, 2017 · OC Sickfic (Sick!Bradley, Cade, Cooper, Rowan, and Dylan) Okay, so I’m gonna start rebuilding my blog with this sickfic I’ve been working on the past week or so, hope ya’ll enjoy! This was literally 13 Word pages help. Jul 01, 2020 · Finally, character wise, I’m most willing to write Tamaki, Todoroki, Aizawa, Bakugou, and Denki, especially when it comes to sickfic, BUT they’re not the only one’s I’ll write! The characters I don’t think I can do much justice when ill would be Present Mic, Mirio, Midoriya…. 1 note C. :3. “I don’t think we should go to the rink today. Mar 29, 2016 · 15 Diarrhea Horror Stories That'll Make You Feel Better About Yourself. Cats that have it tend to pick at their belly, sides, and legs. Aug 14, 2012 · A high-pitched, strained whine escaped Eridan's throat as he clutched his belly with both hands and spewed into the upheaval cube at his feet. SickFics (Hiatus) This blog appreciates more of the hurt/comfort side of sickfics than anything, particularly along the lines of vomiting, fainting, injuries and fevers. by Spencer Althouse. Word Count: 795. Before the feedee comes home, they try their best to avoid temptation… but, inevitably, the feedee comes home to their feeder stuffed beyond belief on the couch. Malik-Ezekiel and Malik Pt. Stress and anxiety: When cats are stressed and obsessively lick and scratch, they can lose hair. They dared each other to pull their pants down and they did; but then the boy dared my daughter to perform oral sex. Feb 19, 2021 · tummy ache belly stomach full emeto sick force fed feeding vomit nausea sephiroth ill illness bloating stuffing gut human final fantasy sickfic hurt comfort . Therefore, traditional therapies such as Gas X, Mylicon, or other over-the-counter remedies may not be helpful. character A says to B, their s/o, over the phone - but this is the first time B is hearing about A being sick. I really like stuff where the feedee/feeder role is reversed. Burps before vomiting. -asking sickie what’s wrong, what can I do for you, what do you need. This time, the nausea swirls in his entire belly, feeling like its churning through everything inside until its all one sloshing, sour mess. Pure fluff set in IzunaIsAlive!AU. Sickfics bloated One Direction Sickfic Diarrhea OC sickfic (emeto+scat, male) Add to Favourites. It splattered messily between Jude’s legs, and Eden winced at the way Jude’s belly muscles kept clenching – long after he was bringing up anything. I will clean up the vomit . Whatever he’d put into his belly really didn’t like it in there. If you can write more, then maybe make a pukey sickfic when Adrien claims that he feels fine, but he's not. “F-feels good. The host lead us to our booth. You get off a ride at an amusement park and seem a little off. 4. Shit. Caretaking for a sickie with the stomach flu <3<3<3. Inflation, rapid expansion, belly torture, micro i. Jan 30, 2019 · Sickfic Prompts/Starters #2 “I just hate that you have to see me like this. A California doughnut shop has people lining out the door before the sun even comes up. The patient will not come back to the “Noon” spot again until day 4, which gives that spot a chance to . Methotrexate is a type of disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD). sick lil sub. 17 notes Feb 25th, 2019 . “It hurts so bad,” Georgia manages. 1 note. Todoroki couldn’t help the moan of pain that left his mouth, as he tried to burn the ice on his frozen belly. Debut album '8 Letters' out now: http://whydntwe. “Do you want more now?” Adam asks, and his eyes flicker upwards to meet Ronan’s. chanyeol isn’t the best cook, but baekhyun eats everything anyways. Jimin shivers, the nausea draping over him like a cloak and making him all too warm to be content. Chapter 1: Keisuke decided to eat a larger meal then most before driving down Akagi and regrets it later when his stomach decided it wants to be upset. -cute, confusing conversations with delirious sickies. Oct 6, 2017. Summary. atemi 13. This is another one o' them sickfic blogs. Read Full Belly (Harry) from the story 1D Sickfic Originals ACM by JustinsMyLife (Hazza) with 4,964 reads. 22 May 2020. 笠stuffed animals pets hugs first kiss. While I will sometimes read fics about sick girls, I only write about male characters puking. Mar 22, 2018 · Bloated looking belly. But he didn’t know when that would be and God his stomach was cramping. At first, it sounds exciting to have a mission on the most glamorous ocean liner on earth, but as usual, nothing goes according to plan. Caretaker - Hobi. Another character having to press their belly to get them to throw up, or the sick character having to drink a lot of water so it can come up easier Nov 26, 2020 · Kunimi had felt a bit off today. Jun 18, 2019 · Jimin is crying in his arms, choking back his gags as more sick pools in his mouth. Dani had come home to find CJ in the kitchen still in her work clothes, standing over a pan with two sizzling steaks. Stomach sickfic sickfic dialogue #1. ”. Never take a chance on a fart. At first, everything was okay. bikini belly beatdown. Stomach sickfic Stomach sickfic His big belly with all the hair on it covers my face, I turn my head to the side, but it’s still hard to get air. -the feeder buys some food for their feedee, but it just looks so good. I gently rubbed back and forth across his sick belly. Descriptions of masturbation and other sexual themes. I'm gonna be sick. Thanks so much I love your vids too! Brubake. Beside him, on the simply-designed couch, Equius gingerly rubbed the seadweller's back, fresh towels at his side and those dirtied from mucus or sweat in an unappealing pile on the floor. co/8LettersYTFOLLOW US https://twitter. Placing gentle kisses on the back of someone’s neck as they puke 💕. To the Pain Room. On a particular spot, B’s insides bubble harshly, vibrating A’s hand. I'm so into the way you focus on how the stomach feels. Aug 16th, 2021. It’s a sharp pain by my tummy, it hurts more than when I fell off the porch right flat onto my belly. Micah swallowed and squirmed in Elijah . turns out his tummy doesn’t agree with it. Nothing left his lips save for hoarse retches . 4. Nov 26, 2016. If it’s a problem, move along, but also it’s not that much, there’s plenty of the fic that has nothing to do with that~ Enjoy! Maria came to the sudden realisation that maybe ignoring her body had been the wrong answer in this case, as if it were ever the . their whole tummy rumbles, being able to be felt by their hand desperately trying to massage away the nausea. Catra falls extremely ill with a severe stomach bug that leaves her absolutely miserable. ay and gets a little more than he bargained for. ️cold. Jason pushed into a knot high in Dick’s belly and watched as Dick burped, his cheeks filling with air that raspberried his lips as he let it out. "Nngh!" I breathe, my chest rises and falls rapidly, sweat pours down my face, tears sting at my eyes. bts emeto bts sickfic bts sickfic sick!jimin caretaker!jungkook caretaker!hoseok caretaker!seokjin caretaker!namjoon caretaker!yoongi caretakers caretaker!taehyung. Share the best GIFs now >>> ♠ Aching Joints ♠ Very common in the elders of a clan/tribe. ) Re: the smack, I’d fallen for a straight junkie and spent the better part of a year trying to “save” him from the devil’s grasp — which, as . Vomiting. She twisted her neck to the left with increasing fear. Vets call this “psychogenic alopecia. vomit, fluff, puke. He carried on with his day as per usual. Daichi had thought up the idea, a beachside vacation was a magnificent, romantic way for the couple to spend Valentine’s day. tbt to six weeks & 4 days, aka the morning my boyfriend rubbed my belly during a good morning kiss and i . the complete belly destruction of agent carter. Symptoms: Joints in the. She turned her head rapidly to the right. Dec 24, 2016 · Source: wattpad. “Ooooh, ow, ow, ow, my belly,” Dick groaned, burping again. 2. Every few minutes he would notice, tell himself to calm down, and be right back at it again. In Sugawara’s defense, It had been a long time since he’d gone on a road trip. Time for 3 TUMS! Jul 27, 2016 · Day 27 - Caretaking: Miraculous Ladybug fic I’m so sorry! There doesn’t seem to be a “read more” option for submitting…I hope it doesn’t post automatically because this one got super long. e. I write for virtually any group. bellyache stomachache tummyache tummy kink nausea burping motion sickness carsickness belly rubs sick belly belly kink vomit emeto emetophilia emetophile emeto fic oc molly oc georgia food poisoning bloating incredibly self-indulgent hurt/comfort h/c sickfic sick sick kink sickness belly noises upset tummy valentine’s day sickfic prompts. 1. Quite praises are mumbled into their neck, words barely audible over their . instagram. cw: vomit, sort-of-poisoning, illness. "Come on love, let's get out of here" Louis said, as he picked Harry up, flushing the toilet. ) (I’ve fucked a doll once, too. Place the first injection at Noon, your second injection at 1 o’clock, the third injection at 2 o’clock, and the fourth injection at 3 o’clock. dealing with an impatient sickie while trying to take their temperature, the constant wriggling while trying to keep the thermometer in their mouth that will no doubt show a worryingly high number once it’s done. “P-please, I don’t think this is such a good ide--” The tiny’s plea . Thank you! And of course you can have some carsick Suga! Enjoy! WARNING: VOMITING. After the sound came again Zayn realized what it was. Liquid washed over his tongue and he pitched to the side. ‹ back next ›. BuzzFeed Staff. Louis. A bloated stomach is the sensation of having an overfull stomach. Eyes clenched shut and with a heavy groan, he rolled over in the unfamiliar bed and vomited into a rubbish bin swiftly placed under his chin. •for sickfic lovers: those constant, uncomfortable gurgles of nausea. belly punishment. ” Then I feel pain like I have never felt before. It may or may not be accompanied by a distension, which is a visibly increased and tight stomach. “Ry, it’s gonna be fine. Urinary incontinence is when a house-trained or a litter box-trained cat loses control of its bladder and is extremely unpleasant for both you and your cat! It can affect cats of any gender, age, or breed, but has a number of common causes and, most importantly for your sanity and the cleanl Feb 01, 2020 · Genre and/or Pairing: Tragedy, Aziraphale/Crowley (established relationship) Warnings: psychological torture (delivered by Hell), character death. The seething mess in her belly lurches, and she moans, her stomach whining as she keeps it all down. ” “No, no, go lay back down. They sit you down and rub your belly or take you to the restroom to do so if you seem like you're about to lose it. Hurt/Comfort. Jan 09, 2016 · Chapter 3: Frozen Fever. His cheeks fill with sick, his heaves loud and high pitched as he throws up everything he’s eaten. A tiny’s sadistic keeper forces him to drink a ton of vinegar and chase it down with a whole bottle cap full of baking soda, then sits back and enjoys the results. I am not a medical doctor. Original fiction by far, though I dabble in fan fic from time to time. sparrow’s tortured tummy. Jun 08, 2016 · #sickfic #prompts #to do list #this is like 99% indulgence #someone drop characters and prompts in my ask #or on kittenfair #it's always more fun prompted #I'll give one back to anyone who does! reblogged 08 Jun 2016 @ 17:46 I'm gonna be sick. 率night in allergies chocolates. Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Sickfic, Stomach Flu, Vomiting, Caretaking, Tenderness, Cuddling, Teasing. living life with severe gastro illness. sickfic, onedirectionsickfics, lilo. ordan and D. Stomach Flu. Words: 1100. If you don’t have a brush, you can use a tissue to rub it over your skin. 3. It was New Years Eve, and the whole group had gone out clubbing for the night. (Different nights. a person overestimating their capacity and happily eating and eating and eating even when their stomach starts hurting. In case anyone else would like some soft inspiration over the next few weeks snuggles. ” Jul 27, 2016 · Day 27 - Caretaking: Miraculous Ladybug fic I’m so sorry! There doesn’t seem to be a “read more” option for submitting…I hope it doesn’t post automatically because this one got super long. Niall sick. Kokichi and Shuichi are both a bit plush and extra soft, but recently, Shuichi has put on a bit more weight, becoming the chubbier one. Taking the hint, I flattened my palm out on his tummy, feeling it churning beneath my hand. for Fosters Sickfic Series. Jan 01, 2019 · Try to Get Through Our Best Vomit Stories Without Losing Lunch Yourself. dialogue. It’s used to reduce activity of the immune system for people who have certain conditions. Mar 02, 2020 · sick sickfic food poisoning vomit puke female vomit male vomit group illness ill fever stomach tummy belly cramps stomach cramps nausea nauseous gag heave cough burp belch 8 notes Mar 2nd, 2020 sickfic tw diarrhea tw gas tw scat sick belly bloated stomach upset belly upset tummy upset stomach stomach ache tummy ache gassy tum diarrhea cramping aww poor baby ficlet 96 notes Jun 2nd, 2021 Open in app Jul 10, 2021 · Blood Binds Us (a sickfic). 珞cuddles this is a fun blog. thanks for stopping by: i like you already. 10/12/2019 c25 Guest i tried my best bts sick bts stuff bts sickfic emeto hcs bts headcannons bts emeto bts hcs ksj kim seokjin bts jin jin headcannons hcs my hcs. “Oh honey…” Eden sighed, pushing back Jude’s fringe from where it was flopping into his eyes. I clench my teeth and push holding the head of my baby as she makes her way out. ” “At least let me help you to the couch. She decides to do something about it, but discovers something about herself in the process. The Walking Dead, Silent Hill and Metalocalypse. Both open surgery with longer incisions and laparoscopic surgery in the abdominal cavity can leave the bowels (intestines) ‘stunned’. 2. Mar 22, 2018 · Why your cat may be leaking urine and what to do about it. Thankfully, she has Adora and the others to help her through it- even if it still sucks. always waiting for the wrong time to burp; probably unbuttoning my pants in public somewhere. With every step he took, his body gave a horrid ache. fic-writings been difficult but I could post some more art n stuff!!! I’m just saying it’s definitely canon that Helen never wanted to watch Grey’s Anatomy because she was just so bothered by the medical inconsistencies and such, but Pearl always liked it, like, a lot, and shedefinitely 100% has like a tiktok account or something centred around her doctor wifey watching medical shows and probably roasting them or something, and there’s definitely a . Jan 09, 2016 · In the aftermath of a breakup with his girlfriend Erin, Daniel Radcliffe&#39;s small and sleep-deprived body is heavily wracked by the effects of his run-in with antifreeze. Customers at Donut City in Orange County come to buy as many doughnut. Stomach felt full/bloated. Burping and belly rubs. Daniel awoke to horrid pain and nausea, the bright white of his surroundings blinding him. Stomach sickfic Stomach sickfic With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Stomach Growling animated GIFs to your conversations. Hey guys! Mod Kyle here. So far, I've seen three of your works. my pet jobber 2. Ezekiel and Malik Pt. May 25, 2021 · A little goes a long way! Lightly pat some of the powder onto your skin, just enough so that you look washed out. Belly Rubs. The friend who will rub your back and belly when your sick no matter what you look like. They’re clammy and shivering, letting out adorably pathetic coughs between heaves. “O-oh-” B says before letting out a long airy fart, that lasted about 10 seconds. G/t, bellyaches and noises, etc. um, Shinsou, and…basically any female character because . Stomach sickfic . In 2016, Melina rediscovers what she’d lost. cassidy’s folly 2. absolutely no minors. Still do, I think. May 13, 2019 — Wazzup, this is a Whump and sickfic blog Boi this gonna have my Sickfic And Whump. Hope I did the prompt justice for you! One Pukey, stubborn little cat coming right up. - when a person cradles their belly protectively. thank you so so much!! here’s the follow-up!! ————————————————————–. Summary: In 1992, Melina’s new “husband” doesn’t look like the other husbands in the neighborhood, and Melina thinks it’ll blow their cover. Tropes: caretaking, holding someone’s hair back, taking charge, caregiver POV. And suddenly, without any warning, Taehyung feels the break. Sep 12, 2021 · Aug 31, 2020 · Flu viruses can cause mild to severe illness. However, the growing feeling of discomfort transitioned into cramping. I’ve shot heroin — and had sex with a human woman — one time. The immune system normally protects the body from infections by causing inflammation to fight them. Aww, I got a request ^_^ Here you go. The bathroom floor is way too cold to sleep on. Keep reading. if that is not your bag, this is probably not for you. We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their . - when usually tough people act all cuddly and clingy when they’re sick. Authors note: this is a really dark . When he was done, he dropped his head down, trying to catch his breath, still sweating and shaking. Zayn sat up half awake half asleep in his bunk hearing a strange sound from the bunk across from his. Jimin falls to his knees, puking violently into the bowl. The greasy rest stop lunch has made a disgusting sludge in her; she can feel it sitting like a rock in her gut, surrounded by all the sick, bloated air trapped in her belly with it. J. TW : Fainting, Emeto, detailed descriptions of being sick. com 5sos flubug sickfic sicknesses slfltour books wattpad amwriting. input your name or a characters name and get a prompt! results change daily. Niall's bunk. 蠟sniffles wine movie night . Words: 5134. aisy, N. Hearty as an Ox Madara/Tobirama Words: 2,079 Rating: Gen Sypnosis: Go home, Tobi, you’re sick. the idea of someone eating too much and throwing up isn’t always palatable but something about. Maybe the sickie freezes in place with a hand on their belly and a weird look on their face before lunging back over the toilet for round two. ” I made an emeto sickfic generator! It’s a bit wonky and a lot of the combos might not make sense, but hey I hope it’s at least fun or at least kinda inspires you. CW: sickness, vomiting, stomach trouble. Todoroki placed a hand on his angry belly instinctively, and that made him lost his balance. Black was extracting a long nail out of the drawer. It’s most common in female purebreds with nervous personalities. Language: English. I’ve noticed a lot of asks wondering if this blog is still active. Jul 23, 2013 · Looking at her rounder face, the double chin forming, the belly roll, and noting her struggles with that largest size uniform I knew she was telling the truth. Summary: At the behest of J. ” He pats his belly again, and doesn’t miss how Adam’s eyes track the motion of Ronan’s hand to Ronan’s stomach. Finn has a midterm in three days, an engineering project due at the end of the week, and another supplemental essay on the improper use of spell work due on Mr. . ️first valentine’s day together gifts date night lonely. Jimin brings his cupped hands up to his mouth as he lets out yet another painful cough, wincing as pain over takes his chest at the action. At one point, it felt as though his vision was swimming. ___ Donnacha dumped his bag down in the hallway, wondering if someone had filled it up with rocks when he wasn’t looking. Torture Mansion Chapter 1: To the Pain Room, a horror fiction | FictionPress. He doesn’t mean to do it, and by no means does he want to do it in an enclosed car but, it’s the only way to get his pain to go away. This most commonly known as Arthritis. Or, at the very least, he tried to vomit. His stomach felt very uncomfortable, though at first - he didn’t think much of it. ick drops in unannounced on a sick J. This is my personal experience with putting Hashimoto’s into remission naturally after three years of research, consulting with numerous doctors (both conventional and integrative) and testing different treatment options. Dec 27, 2017 · Instead of responding, he reached over and grabbed my hand, pulling it to his stomach. Wanting it to be over, Nate thinks back on eating. Tumblr. I’m getting you another ice pack. Juzo-Stomach Flu . I gasp as I say to him, “Can’t breathe, daddy, can’t breathe. ay is a lil out of character in this because he’s sick out of his fucking mind lmao. - caretaker giving their s/o a deep belly rub. Mar 17, 2021 · bts sickfic hybrid jimin warlock yoongi mild angst like very mild snz dancer teacher jimin dance teacher hoseok tae happy ending colds fever alternate universe fanfiction kpop 20 notes Mar 17th, 2021 Jan 09, 2016 · Chapter 3: Frozen Fever. ” “I told you not to take your pills on an empty stomach!” “Stay here. There’s soothing hands on their poor churning tummy, making it feel worse but somehow better at the same time. Rushed to the hospital in debilitating agony, Daniel finds himself facing a painful future and a young reporter from suburban I’m just saying it’s definitely canon that Helen never wanted to watch Grey’s Anatomy because she was just so bothered by the medical inconsistencies and such, but Pearl always liked it, like, a lot, and shedefinitely 100% has like a tiktok account or something centred around her doctor wifey watching medical shows and probably roasting them or something, and there’s definitely a . Another Sickfic. I vastly prefer male characters being sick. Nov 30, 2019 · Disclaimer: I am a Certified Integrative and Nutrition Health Coach. Welcome to Darling’s Sickfic and Whump blog! There is going to be be lots feels and suffering of my fave characters! Topics include, but are not limited to emeto, nausea, anxiety, illness, crying, embarrassment, humiliation, tummy aches, food intolerance, and scat. this is a belly kink/scat fic featuring explicit sex. Halloway’s desk ‘at his soonest convenience’. ideally. When Blaine leaves their bedroom to join Diego, he resolves to just make it . they moan uncomfortably at the pressure, leaning back to give their bulging tummy more room. I don't bias or ult bias. 33. Vocal affection shit: -murmuring reassurances (It’s gonna be okay, you’re alright, you’re safe) -soft singing to help them sleep. Madatobi Sickfic. It is caused by cold weather, damp nests, and plain old being elderly. They’re going on a trip to the beach together, but Shuichi is too embarrassed to put on his new bathing suit, super self-conscious of his gain. May 12, 2021 · pregnant omega yoonie being really clingy during his pregnancy, the complete opposite of his character and so tae is so shocked. 3. Ships: King x Saitama. A sob. Stomach Ache. Chapter 2: Takumi gets the flu and Ryosuke is There to help. and tae expects him to need or ask for something. Carter-Food Poisoning. Sickfic And Whump. He manages. Iron coats your tongue, makes your stomach clench hard and there’s not even enough time to be sick before he twists your wrists and drives the blade into your belly. Nearly there. Shoto gagged slightly, hoping the nausea would go away. Jul 27, 2016 · Day 27 - Caretaking: Miraculous Ladybug fic I’m so sorry! There doesn’t seem to be a “read more” option for submitting…I hope it doesn’t post automatically because this one got super long. CURRENT REQUEST TOTAL: 8. ChasingComfort. I write for Bungou Stray Dogs, Black Butler, Noragami, The Case Study Of Vanitas, Pandora Hearts, Banana Fish, Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun, Fugou Keiji, and Kimetsu no Yaiba. they finally stop and maybe it was a food that isn’t sitting right in their belly or maybe they ate just a few too many bites, their pride and . Madix sat up and fixed his hair nervously. Sickfic; Belly Rubs; Overeating; Bloating; Summary. Hobi had invited into his studio to look after him while still . 珞cuddles Stomach sickfic Stomach sickfic “Fuck,” Ronan says, “It certainly wasn’t that deep– but I definitely knew how to eat. #emetophilia #emeto #emeto fic #sickfic #nauseous #tw vomit #overeating #stuffed belly #sick belly #bloated okay actually relating to that last ask, characters trying to hide bloating is SO good. Language: English Words: 888 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 39 Hits: 1265 In the car ride back the ask if you have a stomach ache and rub your belly. It’s gonna hurt. Nov 18, 2020 · How can you get rid of belly fat? First, know that your genetics, hormones, and general lifestyle all come into play. Sickfic; Belly Kink; Belly Rubs; Takumi gives good tummy rubs; Hurt/Comfort; Keisuke isn’t a big scary FD driver; Pregnancy; Reader-Insert; Waiters & Waitresses; Summary. Sickfic; Belly Kink; Belly Rubs; Takumi gives good tummy rubs; Hurt/Comfort; Keisuke isn’t a big scary FD driver; Summary. he’s like “no. No editing cuz… its 3am. —- —- —-. gently tipping bottles of gatorade down the sickies throat . He moaned, sitting up and taking a deep breath. He wanted to tell Riley that it wasn’t that bad – that he could hold off until they got home. -Tobirama slumps in his office chair, contemplating on committing the one act that is unheard of when considering his stubborn, prideful hide; defeat. The mods haven’t really talked in quite a while, so I can’t speak for them. 10/12/2019 c25 Guest Jun 11, 2021 · Dear Stop It Now!, My daughter, age 11, and another boy, age 12, were on the school bus playing "truth or dare". just one more bite. 26. •loud, long gurgles that tell the feedee their belly is at max capacity. I hear women talking about me, people staring at me and my belly, holding a precious unborn life inside. Madix put his his hand over Riley’s knee without taking his eyes off the road. I would absolutely die for a follow-up where they throw up lots. Going from club to club, drinking all sorts of creative drinks, but being careful not to get drunk before midnight; it was a night they all wanted to remember. One stack of three pancakes spread with fresh apple jam, a cinnamon roll sprinkled with extra cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with gooey cream cheese icing, an omelet chock full of diced fall veggies, a little bowl of oatmeal flecked with cranberries, at least two mugs of peppermint hot chocolate and—. So he’ll be posing as part of a family, with Alexander and Catherine Hale as his parents, Erica as his sister, and his best friend Mike as his brother. I love them all. valentine’s day sickfic prompts. Sickfic. The trip to the bathroom takes far too long, and once Jimin sees the toilet, the floodgates burst open. Riley’s knee was bouncing at 30 miles an hour, effectively matching the speed of the car. Then there will be comfort. He/him or they/them, asexual, minor, kink artist/writer, this blog contains belly kink, emeto, whump, sickfics, and scat, so if you don't like that this isnt the place for you. Share the best GIFs now >>> this is a belly kink/scat fic featuring explicit sex. com/whydontwemusichttps://www. That sound of pain alerted Momo on the first place. Another character having to press their belly to get them to throw up, or the sick character having to drink a lot of water so it can come up easier May 17, 2021 · Sickie - Jimin. Mostly stuffing and sickfics. B says, face still scrunched up in discomfort but a lot less than earlier. . Cringe culture is dead. - caretaker helping sick person throw up by gently pushing on their belly. He remembers the fact that lunch had tasted kind of funny, smelled a little off. New Beginnings (Not Sickfic) Ezekiel-Ezekiel and Malik Pt. Being bored is never a problem when you stick five teen boys in a house free of authority for a weekend. Feb 09, 2018 · The gentle massage ended as Riley’s hands froze. 北soup. His poor tummy felt bloated from all the food he’d eaten at dinner. Anonymous. I passed her lunch to her, two 12-inch subways, a large coke and a big bag of cookies to share (though I knew no one else would get any now with her expanded appetite). Here, 11 ways to lose weight around your midsection. 12 notes. Her arm, screaming with pain, lay there, bleeding from the deep gashes that Black had so skilfully . Anonymous asked: Hey, I loved your Miraculous Ladybug sickfic and I was wondering if you were going to write more. I threw up twice already and I don’t want you to be here to see it for the third time. If you have access to large makeup brushes, tap a bit of power onto one and use that to apply it evenly to your entire face. CW: stomach bug, fever, very brief angst (homesickness), emeto, physical vomit mentioned a lot, platonic caretaking including belly rubs, chronic pain mentions, touch starvation. Jun 03, 2019 · Taehyung’s belly is tight, working against his clothes as it gurgles in despair. sickfic belly